L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney


Pretty and feminine, with an evocative edge.

Inspired by her youth, L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney not only captures her memories of a childhood spent growing up in the countryside, but is also touchingly titled after her father’s nickname for her mother, ‘Linda I love you’. Coincidentally, its maternal backstory is relevant to me as I bought this fragrance for my own mother. I had wanted to find a perfume for her that had similar comforting warmth of Chance by Chanel, a perfume whose qualities are reminiscent of my childhood. As soon as I smelt L.I.L.Y I knew that I had found the fragrance that I was looking for. Continue reading


Ladyboy by Gorilla Perfume


Delectable ambiguity.

Ladyboy, a unisex fragrance by Gorilla Perfume, is brave and complex: a scent that evolves through various strange yet wonderful phases.

When you first spray the scent onto skin, a sweet dried banana note opens which evolves to include a dark and dusky violet. Using banana as a main note makes this perfume unique, almost shocking when initially smelled, but it quickly becomes more complex and sophisticated when the powdery violet note comes through. Continue reading

1000 Kisses Deep by Gorilla Perfume


A cosy hug and a gentle kiss encapsulated in a bottle of spiciness and warmth.

With winter fast approaching it’s time to ditch the summery floral perfumes and find a warming scent that will make the chilly days a little more bearable. Another of my Gorilla Perfume favourites, I wear 1000 Kisses all year round but I think it’s the perfect treat if the cold weather is already making you a little glum. Continue reading