MAC ‘Steamy’ Nail Lacquer


A highly chic Barbie pink.

Pink is a colour that’s commonly associated with young girls – it’s cute, pretty, and very, very girly. So when I received MAC’s ‘Steamy’ pink nail lacquer from a friend I was slightly worried that I may look like a child who’s just discovered nail varnish for the first time. But I needn’t have worried because ‘Steamy’ isn’t anything like the cheap pink polish that I had years ago. It’s a gorgeously creamy and sexy hot pink colour with a glossy shine finish. Continue reading


nails inc. London Crystal Colour

London Crystal Colour

Originally produced as a polish to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee last year, nails inc.’s London Crystal Colour is a brilliantly British combination of red, blue and silver glitter particles that comes in an incredible crystal-studded capped bottle and is packaged in a London-themed box – very patriotic and chic! Continue reading

Urban Decay Brow Box


Abrowcadabrow: a little box of brow magic.

Having always been reluctant to do anything to my brows other than tweeze them, I began experimenting with various shades of brown eyeshadow after seeing it recommended in a make-up tutorial. I was surprisingly impressed with the results, and as I became more confident in my abilities I decided to invest in a product specifically for eyebrows. Knowing how fantastic Urban Decay is for eye make-up products, I decided to purchase their Brow Box. Continue reading

Rimmel ‘Alarm’ Lipstick


A loud pop of cherry-red lusciousness.

Red lipstick is said to be a classic, with it being a versatile colour that anybody can wear. I’d never worn red lipstick before, but when I needed something to go with a little black dress and complete my Parisian chic look for a ball I was going to, I knew it would be perfect. The colour is a rich cherry-red; a brighter version of the more classic shades. It’s a very bold colour, so it’s essential to wear it with subtle eyes and blush – I used it with simple gold eyeshadow, a thin sweep of liquid eyeliner, and minimal blusher. Continue reading