What I Did On My Holidays by 4160Tuesdays


Evokes the seaside in (buckets and) spades.

Autumn is here, and if you’re already missing those relaxing sunshine-filled days of summer then 4160Tuesdays may just have an olfactory cure. Inspired by a good old-fashioned British holiday, What I Did On My Holidays evokes childhood memories of ice creams on the beach, strolls along the sea front and the flashing lights of the amusement arcades. Continue reading


‘Love Lettuce’ Face Mask by LUSH

Love Lettuce

A perfect pampering product!

If, like me, your exams have just finished, then you’ll be well overdue for some pampering! My stack of used LUSH pots has been gradually growing on my dressing table for the past few months so I decided to take five of them to my local LUSH store to exchange them for one of their wonderful fresh face masks. If you don’t already know, LUSH has a fantastic offer whereby you get a free fresh face mask (that usually costs £5.95) in exchange for returning five of their black pots clean and ready to be recycled into new ones. Continue reading

Cocktail by Gorilla Perfume


Decadence and elegance, bottled.

If you took fresh lavender and crushed it in your hands then the intense aroma released would be reminiscent of the top notes of Cocktail, Gorilla Perfume’s homage to classic French perfumery. Reluctant as I was to try a perfume containing lavender (the unfortunate connotation of it being the kind of thing that only older women wear), the other notes tempted and intrigued me… Continue reading