Cocktail by Gorilla Perfume


Decadence and elegance, bottled.

If you took fresh lavender and crushed it in your hands then the intense aroma released would be reminiscent of the top notes of Cocktail, Gorilla Perfume’s homage to classic French perfumery. Reluctant as I was to try a perfume containing lavender (the unfortunate connotation of it being the kind of thing that only older women wear), the other notes tempted and intrigued me… Continue reading


Lust by Gorilla Perfume


Sexy, sultry and sophisticated.

Lust from Gorilla Perfume is a strong, seductive fragrance, most definitely one for the evening. When you first smell it then it may seem a little overwhelming, but give it time and it will gently develop into a smooth, sexy scent; one that envelops you in a layer of sultry sophistication. Whilst the smell is undeniably feminine, it’s also incredibly sensual. It’s sweet, yet musky; pretty, yet naughty, and deeply mysterious. If you want a perfume to complete your sexy evening look then this is undoubtedly the one to go for. Continue reading

25:43 by Gorilla Perfume


The beginning of a love story.

Last year I received a bottle of Gorilla Perfume‘s 25:43 for Valentine’s Day and instantly loved it. It’s since become my undoubted favourite perfume, one that I believe every girl should experience at least once in their lifetime. Though it sounds like a simple scent – lemony freshness layered with sweet toffee – there is so much more to this divine perfume. Continue reading

Ladyboy by Gorilla Perfume


Delectable ambiguity.

Ladyboy, a unisex fragrance by Gorilla Perfume, is brave and complex: a scent that evolves through various strange yet wonderful phases.

When you first spray the scent onto skin, a sweet dried banana note opens which evolves to include a dark and dusky violet. Using banana as a main note makes this perfume unique, almost shocking when initially smelled, but it quickly becomes more complex and sophisticated when the powdery violet note comes through. Continue reading

1000 Kisses Deep by Gorilla Perfume


A cosy hug and a gentle kiss encapsulated in a bottle of spiciness and warmth.

With winter fast approaching it’s time to ditch the summery floral perfumes and find a warming scent that will make the chilly days a little more bearable. Another of my Gorilla Perfume favourites, I wear 1000 Kisses all year round but I think it’s the perfect treat if the cold weather is already making you a little glum. Continue reading