Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola!

Fresh, fruity & flirty.

A much lighter alternative to its counterpart, Oh Lola! is a flirty fragrance that’s great for livening up a dull day. Having smelt the original Lola fragrance, Oh Lola! was instantly preferable to me. Delightful top notes of raspberry and pear provide a vibrant opening that reminds me a beautiful summer’s day. I don’t normally like fruity fragrances, but this one is really fresh and not overpoweringly sickly sweet. Continue reading


Ladyboy by Gorilla Perfume


Delectable ambiguity.

Ladyboy, a unisex fragrance by Gorilla Perfume, is brave and complex: a scent that evolves through various strange yet wonderful phases.

When you first spray the scent onto skin, a sweet dried banana note opens which evolves to include a dark and dusky violet. Using banana as a main note makes this perfume unique, almost shocking when initially smelled, but it quickly becomes more complex and sophisticated when the powdery violet note comes through. Continue reading