Sarabecca Day and Sarabecca Night

Sarabecca Natural Perfumes is a perfumery that craft fragrances entirely from natural oils and essences. Created by Kenneth Grand after nearly four years of hard work, Sarabecca’s two fragrances – Sarabecca Day and Sarabecca Night – are unique and sophisticated. Here we review them both. Continue reading


Deep Night by Ghost

Deep Night2

Combining sweetness and mystery.

Just by looking at Ghost’s Deep Night bottle you know that the perfume inside is going to be unique and mysterious. With vanilla-scented night-blooming cereus and rose in the top, the opening is a sweet and fresh floral. Personally, I cannot distinctly identify the rose – instead I get a heavy and sensually sweet vanilla with just a touch of delicate floral. In the heart, apricot, peach, and white wood come together and provide a continuation of the warmth of the top notes. They also lift the scent’s impression, tempering the sweetness by adding an element of rich and fruity freshness. The white wood also contributes to this, providing depth and smokiness to the fragrance. Continue reading