Pages and Perfume’s 2013 Top 10 Posts


It’s been a wonderful year for Pages and Perfume. The highlight of 2013 was undoubtedly being given the amazing opportunity to write for ODOU magazine!

We’ve also met so many wonderful people through the blog, discovered loads of fantastic bloggers who have inspired us so much, and also been incredibly lucky in receiving samples from exciting perfumeries. Continue reading


LUSH Christmas


We’re always so excited for LUSH to reveal their range of products and gifts for Christmas, anticipating a collection of beautifully enchanting seasonal treats! This year was no different, as both old favourites and new delights were released and we were in store quicker than you can say ‘Father Christmas‘ to check them all out (and make a few purchases, obviously…). Here’s a few of our favourite products and gift boxes from the 2013 range! Continue reading

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish

Amie New Leaf

A wonderful winter skin pick-me-up!

Exfoliating is essential during the autumn and winter months as the colder temperatures lead to skin that looks dull and feels dry. If you have sensitive skin then you may find it difficult to find an exfoliator which is effective, whilst not further irritating your skin. Luckily for you there may be the perfect product: Amie Skincare’s New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish. Continue reading

Beauty Tip of the Month – August 2013


If you haven’t used a nail polish for a few months (or years!), or if you’re favourite varnish is running low, then you may find that it’s gone gloopy and that your manicure doesn’t look too great. However, we have discovered a cheap and effective way of thinning out varnish… using nail polish remover! Whilst it may seem illogical, when well mixed – and providing you don’t add too much – the remover will thin the polish and restore it to almost its original quality. Continue reading

Barry M ‘Satsuma’ Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Barry M Satsuma Nail Paint

Gorgeously glossy coral colour.

I used Barry M nail polishes throughout my teenage years but became a little bit of a polish snob after discovering more expensive brands such as nails inc. and MAC. However, I recently decided to try Barry M’s amazing range again after their bright colours caught my eye and have now found my nail colour for the summer thanks to their Gelly Hi-Shine collection! Continue reading

‘It’s Raining Men’ Shower Gel by LUSH


Hallelujah – oodles of honey scented bubbles!

If you’ve ever tried LUSH’s famous ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ soap, a luscious toffee and honey scented treat, then this shower gel will feel very familiar. ‘It’s Raining Men’ is a silky, golden coloured gel packed with honey, lotus flower, tiger lily and orange blossom – a sweet and rich concoction. This sensual and sticky-sweet mix is tempered with a subtle hint of bergamot which makes the scent fresh as well as decadent. Continue reading

Beauty Tip of the Month – June 2013


Gentle waves that make it appear as though you’ve spent the whole day at the beach are such a desirable look for summer! It can be tempting to buy expensive salt sprays to help you achieve the sexy, seasonal look, but a far more cost effective alternative is to make your own.

You need:
A clean spray bottle
200ml of filtered or distilled water
Half a tablespoon of sea salt (the more finely ground, the better)
Half a teaspoon of coconut conditioner (for a beachy smell, and to counteract the drying salt)
A dab of cheap hair gel

Put all of the ingredients into the bottle and shake until thoroughly combined. You can add more salt if you have thick hair or want more texture, but the more you add the more it will dry your hair out!

Click here for more beauty tips, reviews and news.

Amie Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser

Amie Skin ShieldA great all-round moisturiser that’s perfect for any time of year.

I recently discovered Amie Skincare, an award winning company that produces skincare products packed full of natural ingredients. The products seemed like the perfect ones for me as they’re made for young skin that’s oily and prone to breakouts (I may be twenty but I still have classic teenage skin!). Continue reading