The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO). by 4160 Tuesdays

The Sexiest ScentSexy milkybar.

No, I’m not stating my opinion, this perfume really is called The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO). The name comes from a journalist who declared 4160 Tuesdays’ creation ‘the sexiest scent ever’ when they smelled it. I may not share the exact sentiment, but there’s certainly something sensual and inviting about this fragrance.

Let’s begin with the notes of this perfume…
Top notes: bergamot and lemon meringue pie
Heart note: woods
Base notes: vanilla and ambergris

I’ve only recently discovered the joys of Earl Grey tea with milk, having previously (and foolishly) dismissed it. Milk with citrus? No thanks. However, one day at work I fancied a change from my regular cup of builder’s so I gave milky Earl Grey a go and was pleasantly surprised… In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’m sipping on a cup right now. Don’t worry, there is a point to this… let’s talk top notes!

When first sprayed on the skin, The Sexiest Scent is so, so reminiscent of the citrus-infused steam of a freshly made cup of Earl Grey. It’s a happy smell, uplifting and slightly sharp, but without the intensity of freshly-cut lemon or orange. Do I get any lemon meringue pie? Not really. As the solitary bergamot note fades – after around fifteen minutes wear – and the woody heart note starts to come through, there’s maybe something that could be described as lemon meringue pie, but I don’t think you’d detect it unless you were intentionally smelling for it.

Source: 4160 Tuesdays’ Facebook

It’s when the heart note of woods takes over that The Sexiest Scent begins to live up to its name. I find that there’s something of a masculine quality about it at this point. Oriental and a little grassy, perhaps – especially when sandwiched between the lingering traces of a bergamot top note and subtle vanilla base notes – the impression created by the woody notes is my favourite part of this perfume. It’s slightly dark, and really rather sexy.

I find the vanilla base note of The Sexiest Scent to initially be somewhere between hot milk and vanilla ice cream. It’s warm, sweet and creamy – lickable, even. There are many olfactory shades on the vanilla spectrum, from decadent richness to ice cream sweetness, but I don’t normally associate any of them with sexiness, at least not individually. However, the other notes of this fragrance work with the vanilla to make something sultry, especially when the ambergris note comes in. The ambergris contributes muskiness, sophistication, and an additional hint of masculinity. Think less ice cream and more sex, with wood lingering at the edges. It’s rich, but not heavy or overpowering.

If you’re looking for a slap-round-the-face sexy scent, then this certainly isn’t the one for you. Don’t expect to walk into a room wearing this and have heads turn. You’re going to need to get pretty close to someone for them to be able to detect it. I wasn’t sure if this was the intention, but upon reading 4160 Tuesdays’ description of the fragrance it turns out that that’s exactly the point. Describing the sillage as ‘hardly any at all’, you’re going to have to invite someone to smell this on your skin. I think that this is an excellent characteristic. I love that the sillage of The Sexiest Scent has the same intimate quality as the notes that make the fragrance up.

What it lacks in sillage, it provides in longevity. I could still detect it after almost 12 hours of wear, and it evolves in a beautiful way. The warmth continues to grow, with the vanilla taking on a more powdery character and combining with the subtle ambergris to create a sweet and creamy earthiness. To me, the long-lasting impression is a sophisticated musky vanilla.

So, is this The Sexiest Scent on the Planet? IMHO, no. I prefer something slightly darker and more intense. Instead, I’d say that it’s got a playful sexiness about it – playfulness from the bouncy citrus bergamot and creamy sweet vanilla, and sexiness from oriental woodiness and earthy ambergris. If I had to sum this fragrance up in two words it would be ‘sexy milkybar’… it’s definitely one to try.

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