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We’re always so excited for LUSH to reveal their range of products and gifts for Christmas, anticipating a collection of beautifully enchanting seasonal treats! This year was no different, as both old favourites and new delights were released and we were in store quicker than you can say ‘Father Christmas‘ to check them all out (and make a few purchases, obviously…). Here’s a few of our favourite products and gift boxes from the 2013 range!

Buche De Noel & Let the Good Times Roll


These two cleansers are back for another Christmas and we couldn’t be happier! Both leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and smelling fantastic. Buche De Noel is a fruity and boozy blend of satsumas, cranberries and brandy with nourishing cocoa butter and gently exfoliating ground almonds. It’s a little bit like rubbing Christmas pudding on your face, in fact one Lush team member told us that he can’t use this cleanser without licking it off his face! Let the Good Times Roll is more of an exfoliant; smelling of buttery caramel popcorn it’s a real treat for your skin. You can read our full review of it here.

I’m a big fan of LUSH’s fresh face masks, even more so in the winter when the cold weather can cause dry and dull skin. Combining cucumber, oatmeal and tofu, Rudolph has been created to help protect from the weather’s harsh effects. Scented with organic lavender oil, I couldn’t wait to get this mask on my face. However, I found it to be a lot more dry than the other LUSH face masks that I’ve tried – they normally take between 10 and 15 minutes to dry completely, but this one dried almost as soon as I’d put it on my face. If I wanted to apply a little more mask to an area I’d already covered then whatever was already on there crumbled and fell off. Nevertheless, my skin definitely felt more nourished and less dry after I’d washed the mask off. I like Rudolph, but I won’t be sad to go back to using my favourite Cupcake and Cosmetic Catastrophe masks when it’s no longer available.

Sikkim Girls body cream

Despite not being enamoured with Gorilla Perfume’s latest volume of fragrances, we quite like the smell of this Sikkim Girls scented moisturiser. When first applied it’s
FinalSikkimGirls intensely floral, perhaps too much so, but it soon mellows out and layers the skin with the subtle scent of jasmine, Darjeeling tea and a touch of vanilla. Despite its high price this body cream will last for a good amount of time as it’s incredibly thick with cocoa butter, hemp oil and extra virgin coconut oil, which left my skin feeling intensely nourished and soft. If you’re looking to really treat someone (or yourself!) this Christmas then Sikkim Girls would make a great present.

Angel’s Delight, Noriko, Snowcake, Mr Punch, Orange Jelly & Snow Globe


Most people think of soap as an awfully boring and uninspired Christmas present, but we just love LUSH’s seasonal selection and think that any one of them would make a wonderful gift. From their best-selling sweet orange scented Angel’s Delight to the delicate and creamy Noriko and gin-infused fruity Mr Punch, LUSH have created a soap for everyone this year. However, our favourites are…

Orange Jelly and Snowcake! With its intense orange fragrance, Orange Jelly brightens up dull winter days and wakes you up on cold winter mornings. Snowcake is just as divine – a super creamy and rich soap, its beautiful marzipan, rose and cassis scent fills the whole room, we think it’s a must-try for Christmas!

Snow Fairy, Santa Baby & The Christmas Penguin


If you’re looking for something super sweet this Christmas then look no further than Snow Fairy. Smelling of candy floss and pear drops, it’s not surprising that this is LUSH’s number one Christmas bestseller. Personally, we find it a little too sweet, but we can see how it’s adored by many!

This Christmas LUSH have also released Santa Baby lip tint, a gorgeous seasonal colour which will suit all skin tones. The colour is a really warm rich red with a tiny hint of pink that’s easy to apply and lasts all day. It smells of cola too!

Unfortunately we don’t have a bath, but if we did then we’d have stocked up on The Christmas Penguin bubble bars. How cute do they look?! Crumbled into the bath, they create Sicilian mandarin oil and orange flower scented bubbles – LUSH say that if you like The Olive Branch shower gel then you’ll love these.



Ponche is our absolute favourite product from LUSH’s Christmas range. Inspired by Mexican Christmas punch, this shower gel contains zingy and fresh orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, just smelling it makes you smile! It’s so refreshing, juicy and fruity with just the right amount of sweetness, the scent lasts for ages on your skin after you get out of the shower, and it’s got tequila in it too! A perfect Christmas treat. We’re tempted to stock up on enough of this to last us until next Christmas!

Gift Boxes

LUSH have created over 40 gift boxes this year, all containing a selection of goodies to suit every budget. Here are our favourites.

seasonstweetings1If you’re looking for a gift with a wide selection of LUSH products then we’d recommend Season’s Tweetings, which contains our two favourite Christmas soaps – Orange Jelly and Snowcake – as well as a shampoo bar, foot scrub and body lotion, plus three other lovely body products. It’s beautifully wrapped in paper made from recycled t-shirts too!

gettingziggywithitAfter the release of David Bowie’s (fantastic!) album earlier this year, LUSH have created a range of Christmas gifts inspired by the 1970s outfits of Ziggy Stardust. Our favourite is Getting Ziggy With It, which contains the amazing Ponche shower gel, plus Karma soap, Grass showel gel and seven other bath and shower treats.

WowIf there’s someone in your life who you really want to spoil this year then look no further than the WOW! box. At £130 this gift contains every single LUSH Christmas item (apart from Rudolph and the two Christmas cleansers)! As hardcore LUSH fans we would love to receive this, but we think we’ll have to settle for a decidedly smaller gift this year…

FAabChristmasFab Christmas is a wonderful pink and glittery hat box that contains 12 brilliant items including our favourite Snowcake soap and Santa Baby lip tint, as well as the beautiful Turkish Delight shower smoothie and limited edition gold FUN (click here to read our review of the FUN bars). Inspired by Patsy from Ab Fab, this gift will look fabulous (darling) under the Christmas tree!

We’d like to thank LUSH Exeter for letting us have a good nose around their store, showing us some of the Christmas products and for giving Gemma a lovely hand massage!

Merry Christmas from us,
Kelly and Gemma, xo

Let us know what your favourite LUSH Christmas products are in the comments below. Click here for more beauty reviews and news.


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