Jardin Mystique by Friedemodin

Jardin Mystique

Blooms of warmth nestled amongst enchanting greenery.

One of four perfumes from Friedemodin’s debut Jardin Mystique collection, Jardin Mystique is a green floral fragrance that aims to conjure up the sensory experience of a wild enchanted garden. A sparkling fruit note is what greeted me when I first smelled it. Like crushed blackcurrants, it’s mouth-wateringly juicy and fresh, with just a touch of woodiness. Quickly however, this juicy cassis note is fused with a slight bitterness from citrusy bergamot and an herbaceous touch of freshly cut grass. The trio of top notes make for an earthy, yet distinctively clean opening that’s reminiscent of a fine English garden on an early spring morning – the shoots of flowers poking out from the ground, dew on the grass and the bright sunshine awakening from its winter hibernation.


Jardin_Mystique_100ml_box_webThe heart of Jardin Mystique is where I feel it really becomes a green floral fragrance, as lily of the valley is combined with jasmine and crushed leaves. The sensual richness of potent jasmine coats the skin before being quickly tempered by the intensely green lily of the valley note, one which also helps to enhance the gentle nature of this perfume. The addition of crushed leaves also add to the garden-like quality of this fragrance, serving to maintain its woody and earthy dimensions. Friedemodin have created a heart which is like a bouquet of jasmine blooms sitting comfortably amongst fresh greenery; it’s delicate, fresh and elegant.

The base of this fragrance features patchouli – one of my favourite notes – which, combined with precious wood notes, makes for a decadent and warm conclusion. Whilst the remaining fresh hint of the floral top and heart notes fade, the warmth of Jardin Mystique continues to intensify. Unlike some fragrances, the note of patchouli in this one is not overwhelmingly incense-y, instead it’s the sweetness and warmth of it that is the most prominent. The base notes make for a lasting impression that has richness, but is also comforting and slightly powdery.

Jardin Mystique is a very wearable and incredibly sophisticated fragrance that would be perfect for day or night. There’s something vaguely mysterious about it, not one note is dominant throughout the top, heart and base. It smells classic, albeit with an indistinguishable twist… There’s something modern, slightly fresher about it and yet it still has the comforting qualities of an expensive classic – qualities which are utterly delightful.

If you want to know about Friedemodin, this fragrance or their Jardin Mystique collection then click here for their official website. You can also find out more about them on Twitter and Facebook.

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