Sarabecca Day and Sarabecca Night

Sarabecca Natural Perfumes is a perfumery that craft fragrances entirely from natural oils and essences. Created by Kenneth Grand after nearly four years of hard work, Sarabecca’s two fragrances – Sarabecca Day and Sarabecca Night – are unique and sophisticated. Here we review them both.

Sarabecca Day

sarabecca day

A distinct and authentic note of orange peel hit me when I first sprayed this fragrance on my skin. Intensely fresh and sharp, I was taken aback by it, expecting the delicate floral impression that Sarabecca say this perfume delivers. Instead I was overwhelmed by an overly clean, herby citrus note that I just couldn’t warm to.

However, after about an hour’s wear the sharpness begins to fade slightly and the white floral notes that I was anticipating start to come through. Sarabecca only list jasmine, tuberose and muguet in their list of notes in this fragrance, and I can definitely detect subtle hints of each of them. Whilst the bright intensity of crisp citrus remains, the florals temper it and I find it a lot more wearable. It takes on a slightly prettier character, with warm jasmine, creamy tuberose and light muguet uniting to create a sweeter impression.

With subtle projection and fantastic longevity, Sarabecca Day most definitely delivers as a daytime fragrance, growing warmer whilst gradually fading over several hours. Distinct and unusual, it certainly grew on me as the intense citrus top notes faded. Unfortunately though, the citrus element was just too intense and detracted from the floral heart too much for me. Nevertheless, if you like very clean or white floral fragrances then I would recommend this perfume as one to try.

Sarbecca Night

Sarabecca night

A note of alluring vertivert opens this fragrance – it’s woody and herby, with just a fraction of the intense freshness that Sarabecca Day has. Sarabecca Night instantly feels a lot more mysterious, with incense nuances of patchouli and amber uniting with the vertivert to produce an earthier, more masculine top.

After about 15 minutes wear, sparkling notes of lemon and bergamot begin to come through. Combining with the top notes, the overall impression is a bit like a cup of spiced Earl Grey. Whilst there is still an undeniable freshness to this perfume, it’s lot less than bright intensity of its daytime counterpart. It’s warmer on the skin, less like a crisp spring morning and more like a cosy winter’s night.

In the base, hints of sage and ginger become apparent, adding further warmth and masculinity. Like Sarabecca Day, this perfume has subtle sillage, but I found that its intensity faded quickly compared to the daytime fragrance. The resulting lasting impression of Sarabecca Night is woody and slightly rugged, with subtle hints of spice and an almost undetectable touch of powderiness.

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