ODOU Magazine Launches

odoumagThis week saw the release of a brand new magazine dedicated to all things olfactory. ODOU is a sleek and eclectic collection of essays, photography, and poetry relating to the wonderful world of smell and perfumery. Designed, edited and produced by Liam Moore, the magazine has been over 6 months in the making and was released digitally and in-print yesterday.

Issue One, ‘An Ode to Summer’, features articles such as ‘An Ode To The Orient’ – an in-depth look at the oriental perfume genre – and ‘What Exactly Is Going On Up Our Noses’ – an exploration of the science behind smell. We were lucky enough to also contribute… ‘When Old Collides With New’ is our discussion of the iconic classics and their place in today’s saturated perfume market.


We think that ODOU would make the perfect coffee table magazine for perfume enthusiasts and olfactory nerds alike. You can buy the digital and print versions here or find out more about the magazine at odoumag.com.


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