‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Cleanser by LUSH


LUSH has just released details of its new Christmas range and we were delighted to see that one of its previous yuletide releases, Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser, is back for another year! We dug through our archives to find a review of it that we wrote last year…

A popcorn and polenta pleasure.

I am in love with Lush’s new facial cleanser! A good scrub in the morning always serves to wake me up and make my skin feel fresh, and this product does such a great job. With polenta, popped corn oil, maize flour, cinnamon and gardenia, this cleanser is so far from other facial exfoliators.

The polenta in this is what transforms this from a regular facial cleanser into a gentle scrub; I was really surprised at how exfoliating it is, as it feels incredibly soft to the touch. And unlike some other facial scrubs that can feel really harsh on the skin, leaving it slightly red and angry, this one is just enough to leave your skin beautifully smooth without being abrasive.

As well as leaving your skin feeling great, another thing about this product that I love is its gorgeous smell – I’ve never smelt a cleanser as good as this one! Its scent is a wonderfully buttery caramel, popcorn one that lingers on your face for hours after you’ve cleansed. The gardenia extract also adds another dimension to its unique aroma.

I think that this cleanser would make a perfect stocking filler, or a fantastic cheeky treat to yourself…

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