What I Did On My Holidays by 4160Tuesdays


Evokes the seaside in (buckets and) spades.

Autumn is here, and if you’re already missing those relaxing sunshine-filled days of summer then 4160Tuesdays may just have an olfactory cure. Inspired by a good old-fashioned British holiday, What I Did On My Holidays evokes childhood memories of ice creams on the beach, strolls along the sea front and the flashing lights of the amusement arcades. This unique scent opens with a dollop of sun cream – composed of melon, cucumber and coconut, the top note is fresh, delicately fruity and comforting. There’s also an undercurrent of sweet peppermint, evocative of the sticks of sugary rock that fill many a seaside sweetshop. Intertwined with the sun cream and peppermint is a unique and subtle note of calone, an accord that smells vaguely of watermelon and creates the wonderful impression of a clean sea breeze.

As the fragrance warms on the skin, subtle notes of lavender can be detected, wonderfully complementing the cucumber, peppermint and occasional waft of sea air. The clean scent of sun cream remains throughout the duration of wear, but in the heart a soft and delicate woody accord is introduced. Partnered with sweet floral rosewood, and combined with aqueous cucumber and melon, What I Did thus takes on a more herbaceous character.

After about half an hour’s wear, there’s a quick splash of sophisticated cologne. The cologne – composed of lavender, peppermint and bergamot – combined with the earlier herbaceous and woody notes reflect the more grown-up side of the great British beach holiday. This twist of sophistication provides a brief interlude from the sugary delights of the seafront and prevents the fragrance from being overly childish.

In the base, vanilla adds delicate sugariness and evokes the memory of the ultimate seaside treat, the 99! The vanilla blends fabulously with the remaining trace of the refined heart notes and the lingering sun cream accord, resulting in a lasting impression that’s soft, sweet and creamy, tempered by subtle floral woodiness and fresh nuances. A truly evocative scent that captures those treasured childhood memories of summer holidays at the British seaside.

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