Beauty Tip of the Month – August 2013


If you haven’t used a nail polish for a few months (or years!), or if you’re favourite varnish is running low, then you may find that it’s gone gloopy and that your manicure doesn’t look too great. However, we have discovered a cheap and effective way of thinning out varnish… using nail polish remover! Whilst it may seem illogical, when well mixed – and providing you don’t add too much – the remover will thin the polish and restore it to almost its original quality.

We find that the easiest way to add the remover is by pouring some of it into the cap of the bottle and then gradually adding a little at a time to the polish, shaking the polish each time you add more remover to ensure everything is well combined. Keep repeating this until you have reached your desired consistency, making sure to test the polish regularly to ensure you don’t thin it too much.

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