Guilty Pour Homme by Gucci


A simple pleasure.

A strong, vibrant lavender opens this simple yet immensely enjoyable masculine fragrance. Clean mandarin and Amalfi lemon infuse the rich lavender with a zesty edge and make the initial impression one of a fresh yet classic cologne.

As the perfume settles, a spicy blend of pink pepper, coriander and neroli brings warmth and sophistication to the heart making this fragrance feel sensual yet smooth. A distinctly masculine base of sandalwood and cedar is complemented by a rich patchouli which brings this fragrance back from the brink of being generic. Simplistic as the composition is, it excels at being an easily worn and easily enjoyed sensual masculine.

Good longevity and medium projection make this warm and sexy fragrance a perfect choice for the evening. The bottle design speaks of classic masculinity, calling to mind a vintage hip flask with its fusion of gun metal and glass, complementing the light purple liquid inside.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is a delightfully simplistic pleasure and indeed, a bit of a guilty one at that.

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