Deep Night by Ghost

Deep Night2

Combining sweetness and mystery.

Just by looking at Ghost’s Deep Night bottle you know that the perfume inside is going to be unique and mysterious. With vanilla-scented night-blooming cereus and rose in the top, the opening is a sweet and fresh floral. Personally, I cannot distinctly identify the rose – instead I get a heavy and sensually sweet vanilla with just a touch of delicate floral. In the heart, apricot, peach, and white wood come together and provide a continuation of the warmth of the top notes. They also lift the scent’s impression, tempering the sweetness by adding an element of rich and fruity freshness. The white wood also contributes to this, providing depth and smokiness to the fragrance.


The sweetness returns in the base as rich and syrupy vanilla combines with earthy and warm amber to produce an aroma that feels sexy, yet cosy – like being wrapped in the arms of a lover. The overall impression is sweet, mysterious and feminine. Even if you normally don’t like sweet fragrances then you should still try Deep Night, as the warmth and sensuality from the white wood and amber prevent it from being cloyingly sweet.

The scent lasts for about four hours until it starts to fade so a spritz at the beginning of the evening will mean that the sensual vanilla and amber base will come through just when you want them to… With both depth and elegance, this is a perfume that encapsulates the intrigue and excitement of a sexy summer night. Simply divine.

What is your favourite sexy evening scent? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Deep Night by Ghost

  1. I have this perfume, and originally only bought it because I loved the bottle, but I really enjoy wearing it!
    I think, though, my favourite sexy evening scent is Givenchy Ange ou Demon. Both are slightly dark florals, but I just think the Givenchy is warmer on my skin 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I haven’t actually smelt Ange ou Demon, but it sounds absolutely beautiful. I’ll be needing a new evening scent soon so I’ll definitely have a spritz of it next time I see it – thanks for the recommendation! xo

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