‘Silky Underwear’ Dusting Powder by LUSH

Silky Underwear

Smoothing, softening, and sensually scented.

We all know the negative connotations of talcum powder. Typically seen as go-to gift for old people, and frequently smelling of rose or lavender, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever spot a younger person buying a bottle of it! However, LUSH’s dusting powders are a different kind of talc – a far sexier and fantastic smelling kind!

I’ve previously tried LUSH’s ‘Vanilla Puff’ dusting powder and really liked it, so when I received a bottle of ‘Silky Underwear’ in their beautiful ‘PS I Love You’ Valentine’s Day box I was excited to try it. Their original dusting powder, ‘Silky Underwear’ contains jasmine and cocoa butter and is a delight for the skin.

In our March 2013 Beauty Tip of the Month we recommended using dusting powder to absorb excess moisturiser but there are so many other uses for this product. If I don’t have time to moisturise then I’ll just use this instead as nourishing cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients. I’ve also read that applying dusting powder before waxing can help ease the pain by absorbing excess oil, whilst applying it after shaving may help to prevent ingrown hairs. However you use it though, your skin will be left beautifully soft and smooth!

Just from the name alone, you know that this product is going to be a sexy one. Indeed, LUSH suggests using it on your skin to help your underwear slide off ‘ever so easily’… The subtle jasmine and cocoa butter scent that remains on the skin hours after using ‘Silky Underwear’ is sensual and sophisticated – sweet and creamy with a hint of musk. I think that it would be perfectly complimented with a spritz of Gorilla Perfume’s Lust fragrance, and if you’ve read our review of that then you’ll know how much of a sexual perfume we find it!

Smoothing, softening, and sensually scented, ‘Silky Underwear’ is a dusting powder that I think everybody should try. Don’t let the old ladies have all the fun, bring some (reinvented) talc into your life too!

What do you think of dusting powder? Is it a product that you use? Have you tried ‘Silky Underwear’ or any other LUSH dusting powders? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “‘Silky Underwear’ Dusting Powder by LUSH

  1. Last week, I tried this powder last week. I love the body powders. They smell like a really nice perfume, and you could even use it as a perfume. It looks really yellowy-orange at first, but when you rub it in, especially after using a lotion or massage oil bar, it soaks up the oils and blends really well into your skin. 😀

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