Flora by Gucci

A simply beautiful scent.

From the moment I first sprayed this perfume onto my skin, it really stood out to me as an incredibly intriguing fragrance. If you’re looking for a modern take on the classic floral scents then this is one that I’d certainly recommend.

Flora is initially fresh and slightly warm, qualities that can be attributed to the top notes of mandarin and peony respectively. The perfume continues to get increasingly better as the top notes leave the skin, allowing the beautiful hFlora-by-Gucci-Fragance-Ad-Campaigneart notes of rose and osmanthus to become apparent, and the scent to evolve into a warmer and muskier scent. The rose in the perfume is certainly detectable, but blended with the sweetness of the osmanthus it’s not reminiscent of the classic ‘old lady’ rose perfumes – it’s a very modern take on it. It’s relatively delicate, but there’s still an undeniable richness that makes it incredibly sophisticated. 

The perfume reaches its conclusion with rich and decadent base notes of pink pepper and sandalwood, adding another intriguing dimension to the fragrance. The pink pepper enhances the deep warmth of the scent, whilst the sandalwood adds delectable sensuality. Flora by Gucci is a unique perfume that’s uniquely sexy and feminine. Warm, floral and musky are the three words that I’d use to summarise it – it’s utterly gorgeous!

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