Flash by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Flash

All hype and no substance?

The latest offering by Jimmy Choo, Flash claims to evoke the high octane excitement of going out to party. Unfortunately though, the only element of such an atmosphere that we could detect in this perfume is the initial heady aroma of cheap hairspray.

Whilst top notes of strawberry, mandarin and pink pepper sound fresh and fun, they were far too subtle and lasted just a few minutes. The heart notes of tuberose, jasmine and white lily add an intensely floral element that’s effervescent and powdery – reminiscent of a more mature, classic fragrance. A floral also features in the base of the perfume, as heliotrope flower adds a delicate nuance, whilst white wood contributes a further mild character which lasts for hours.


This perfume certainly isn’t awful, but we feel that it doesn’t deliver what it promises. We were expecting a new sexy, floral scent that would evoke memories of exciting nights out, spent drinking and dancing until dawn. But instead, Flash is a perfume that smells relatively generic, and reminds us of something that we would find in the Avon book. If we didn’t know that it was a new perfume then we wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that it was produced 30 years ago.

Bear in mind that tastes in perfume are highly subjective, and whilst we’ll be giving Flash a miss, it might appeal to you. If you like classic and powdery floral fragrances then give this one a spritz next time you’re browsing for perfume. Let us know what you think of Flash in the comments below – a new exciting floral fragrance, or all hype and no substance?

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2 thoughts on “Flash by Jimmy Choo

  1. Dear Pages
    Might I be so bold as to hazard that what you’re saying here is that flash is banal and behind the times?
    I wouldn’t worry yourself over this assessment, I’ve heard Flash called worse things elsewhere…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Not bold at all – you’ve described our feelings on it very succinctly!
      Although, after his suspiciously Flowerbomb-esque debut, we weren’t surprised that this didn’t impress either…
      Kelly and Gemma, xo

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