MAC ‘Steamy’ Nail Lacquer


A highly chic Barbie pink.

Pink is a colour that’s commonly associated with young girls – it’s cute, pretty, and very, very girly. So when I received MAC’s ‘Steamy’ pink nail lacquer from a friend I was slightly worried that I may look like a child who’s just discovered nail varnish for the first time. But I needn’t have worried because ‘Steamy’ isn’t anything like the cheap pink polish that I had years ago. It’s a gorgeously creamy and sexy hot pink colour with a glossy shine finish.

photo (7)

I haven’t tried any MAC nail lacquers before, but this has to be one of the best polishes I’ve tried in terms of chipping. It was two days before the first tiny chip occurred (something that I consider to be an achievement when I’m always so busy doing things) and now six days after application over half of my nails are still chip free. If I’d used a top coat then I’m sure that my nails would have remained chip-resistant for at least another couple of days! Another thing that I really liked with this lacquer is that the brush wand is a really good length, making application less fiddly, and giving the ability for a neater finish.

This is a wonderful colour for fingers or toes, and it’s super for brightening up a cold, dull day and getting you in the mood for spring. The colour will go with almost anything so it’s brilliantly versatile too, and you can wear it day or night. It’s a real favourite of mine and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot in the coming months.

In the words of Aqua: “Come on (sophisticated) Barbie, let’s go party!

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3 thoughts on “MAC ‘Steamy’ Nail Lacquer

  1. What a pretty color! This will be great for the spring/summer months ahead. I’ve never used MAC nail polish, but it sounds like it’s worth the price if there is a minimal amount of chipping. One day, I will have to invest in a pricier nail polish, just to see what all of the draw is about. I’m a big Sally Hansen fan, so it’s going to be hard for me to shell out more then $4 for a bottle of nail polish. Would you say the more expensive brands were worth it?

    1. It really is a great polish for chipping, I cleaned the whole house yesterday and it only chipped a tiny bit, that was with a top coat though – something that I would definitely recommended with all polishes!

      In my experience, a more expensive brand is worth it – I often find that the colours are richer and have a more professional finish. In general I’ve found that pricier polishes chip less, but then even within a brand the amount of chipping can vary so it’s difficult to say if there is a huge difference between the more and less expensive brands.

      I would say that if you were going to go for a more expensive polish then choose a classic colour or one that you’ll get a lot of wear out of as it’ll justify spending a bit more!

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