nails inc. London Crystal Colour

London Crystal Colour

Originally produced as a polish to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee last year, nails inc.’s London Crystal Colour is a brilliantly British combination of red, blue and silver glitter particles that comes in an incredible crystal-studded capped bottle and is packaged in a London-themed box – very patriotic and chic!

If you want just a touch of glitter on your nails then one coat of this is all you need, and if you’re in a rush then it’s even better because it dries so quickly. Whilst this polish is wonderful on its own, I also think it’s great to layer over the top of another colour – the effect you get is perfect if you want to take your nails from day to night. For full nail coverage I think that three coats would be perfect. Alternatively though, you could do as I did to achieve my look and dab the varnish on, a method which results in a solid layer of glitter that I think looks incredibly professional.

photo (5)

One thing that I really love about this varnish is that unlike pure colours you don’t have to be really neat when applying it and it doesn’t matter if you smudge or scuff a nail before it’s completely dry because the texture of the glitter means that any mistakes aren’t obvious. I would recommend this to any nail-painting enthusiasts, but also to those who feel a bit tamer when it comes to varnish – one coating is subtle enough to ensure your nails won’t stand out, but they’ll still be noticed. This varnish will sit proudly on my shelf in the coming months, and I’ll be whipping it on whenever the occasion calls for it: from Jubilee celebrations to gay bars, from one queen to another, London Crystal Colour is a perfect patriotic treat!

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