Why we love LUSH!

EB - lush
We both love LUSH (in varying degrees…) – if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a cosmetics company that produces distinctive soaps, bath and shower products, skincare and haircare.

It prides itself on being incredibly ethical, natural and cruelty free; recently creating a mass petition against animal testing in the cosmetics industry.
Their unique range is surprisingly not too expensive either – considering everything is handmade in Poole, where the company is based.

Not only do they make you smell delicious with their everyday essentials, but their own brand of perfumes, Gorilla Perfume, will make you smell even more delectable. The two things we really like about their fragrances are:
1) They’re unlike anything we’ve ever found on the high street before
2) We can have the same perfume, yet it will smell different on both of us
We’re currently working our way through the range, and frequently leave our local shop with a waft of scent trailing behind us.

Gemma: I’ve been a hardcore fan of LUSH for around 4 years now, starting my addiction with a bottle of Slammer shower gel, which I’m pleased to see is now available again as part of their Retro collection! I began to acquire a new product on every shopping trip that I made, so much so that I became a recognisable face in my home-town shop, the same thing’s now happened in my local uni store. I think I should put that under a list of achievements on my CV…
Nearly every single cosmetic that I use is made by LUSH, and the only reason I use any other brand is because LUSH hasn’t yet created a rival product. Buying a new product gives me a thrill and I anticipate getting home to try it out, wandering into Kelly’s room and asking her how gorgeous I smell!
The one thing that I really love about LUSH, or more precisely their perfumes, is that people always ask what I’m wearing and it becomes something of a talking point. I enjoy standing out from the crowd in the way that I smell; I’m a scent eccentric!
My uni room is full of LUSH goodies and everyone in my flat has commented on the lurrvely smell that now fills the corridor. Certainly makes a nice change from the usual student aromas of random cooking concoctions and heavy nights of drinking.
I’m making it my aim to have owned every product available, and am definitely making good progress, just ask Kelly!

Kelly: I remember when my sister was in her first year of uni, one of her good friends worked in LUSH and every time I went to visit I would be given a new edible smelling soap, madly fizzing bath ballistic or thick creamy moisturiser to try.
I would come back, make a delightful mess of the bathroom, smell amazing and look forward to my next trip.
I forgot about the sheer loveliness of LUSH until I eventually went to uni myself and met Gemma, who lived just down the corridor from me.
The first time I went into her room, all of those delicious smells that I had forgotten came back with a new intensity.
She introduced me to her interest (some would call it obsession) in LUSH and the first few weeks of our friendship involved many a trip to the shop in which she would encourage me to try this, that and the other.
She definitely rekindled my love for it, and we both smell pretty damn good on a daily basis as a result…
It was one of the first things I found immediately attractive about Gemma, how incredible she smelt, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy a LUSH product without thinking of her.

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6 thoughts on “Why we love LUSH!

  1. I worked for Lush for a few months, and lived near one for several years. I think the story behind their Charity Pot lotion really underlines what a wonderful company they are. They fact that they actually lose money on this product since 100% of the proceeds go straight to charities just blows my cynical, capitalist mind.

    Plus, I think I’d die without my Lemony Flutter.

    1. I would love to work for Lush, they are without a doubt our favourite cosmetic company. Coincidentally we’re reviewing their Charity Pot lotion very soon – it definitely says a lot about their ethics and morals that they make no profit from it, it’s such an amazing product too! Have you tried their Dream Cream? That’s another favourite of ours.

      Is Lemony Flutter good? Do you just use it on your cuticles, or other areas too?

      1. I have tried Dream Cream (as a sales associate, I had a training day that was entirely testing nearly every product) and I love it! My brother and mother use it for their sensitive skin. It has a lovely lavender smell that’s very soothing and pretty. My favorite lotion is probably Sympathy for the Skin because I love sweet smells, but I use Dream Cream on cold winter nights.

        1. Lucky you!
          It’s really great, isn’t it? Very comforting and a gorgeous smell that’s not overwhelming. Sympathy is brilliant too – Lush just make so many wonderful products!

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