From Dusk ‘Til Dawn by LUSH


Small but perfectly formed.

From Dusk ‘til Dawn is LUSH’s new pyramid shaped massage bar containing guarana and ginseng, scented with Sicilian lemon and wild orange oil, created especially for this Valentine’s day.

Once out of the packet, the bar’s fragrance was punchy and utterly citrusy – refreshing lemon zest and rich orange sweetness dominate the overall scent. Holding it in my hands for a few minutes made it soften easily and start to transform into a creamy massage lotion, while the citrus smell became richer and more developed. Once heated in the hands or on the body, a subtle cocoa-like note is released, scenting the air (and skin) with a delicious and moreish chocolate orange fragrance.

The unique thing about this massage bar is the pointy shape which is more than a little bit suggestive! The point of the pyramid can be used as a tingle-inducing massage tool which works into the muscles and saves your fingers from doing all the work.
The ginseng and guarana powders in this bar are supposed to help invigorate users and keep them energised all night long, as the name suggests. While the scent was refreshing and invigorating, I couldn’t detect any significant effects from the ginseng and guarana combination and I was left feeling relaxed and sleepy after a massage with this bar, a nonetheless pleasant experience.

Overall, I would recommend LUSH’s new massage bar if you’re in the mood for a fresh scented massage that will leave your skin kissably soft, with the added bonus of having a unique shape which doubles as a sensual massage tool. Naughty comments, optional.

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