25:43 by Gorilla Perfume


The beginning of a love story.

Last year I received a bottle of Gorilla Perfume‘s 25:43 for Valentine’s Day and instantly loved it. It’s since become my undoubted favourite perfume, one that I believe every girl should experience at least once in their lifetime. Though it sounds like a simple scent – lemony freshness layered with sweet toffee – there is so much more to this divine perfume.

Unlike other perfumes that contain a citrus element, the combination of citrus ingredients in this fragrance produce a cleaner and sweeter smell, one that’s more fresh than sharp. Lemongrass and litsea contribute to the sweetness, whilst Persian lime oil adds a further dimension, counteracting some of the sweetness with a hint of pine. The citrus component of 25:43 is uplifting and one that will make you smile.

The fresh citrus dimensions are the initial notes on the skin, and there is just a hint of the proceeding toffee sweetness. When the perfume warms on the skin the scent is transformed and the tonka absolute really begins to come through. A hint of citrus remains, but it’s the sensual vanilla quality of the tonka that is most apparent – it adds a glorious element of sophisticated sweetness.

The citrus and tonka complement each other perfectly, resulting in a scent that continues to evolve throughout the duration of wear. The fragrance has amazing staying power and by the end of the night the freshness settles into a more powdery, warm and sexy scent.

All Gorilla Perfumes have a story behind them, but 25:43’s is my favourite. Originally created as a bespoke scent for a Gorilla perfumer’s wedding, notes of lemon, vanilla and ylang ylang were added to the original blend of lime and tonka and thus, 25:43 was born.
This perfume will be one that evokes memories whenever you wear it, and the one you wear when wonderful new memories are created. Let it be the beginning of a new love story in your life, be it with the perfume or your partner. This is one perfume that I could never be without.

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4 thoughts on “25:43 by Gorilla Perfume

    1. We never got to try the ‘Fever’ perfume, the massage bar smelt amazing though.

      We would definitely recommend 25:43 – it’s incredibly unique without being too unusual. Let us know if you try it!

      1. I used to live next door to a Lush in England, and tried everything I could get my hands on. Fever is a sexy, 1950s-style ‘fume that’s pretty rare these days.

        I’ll let you know if/when I try 25:43. 🙂

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