Dear John by Gorilla Perfume

Dear John

Evocative and unpredictable citrus, spice and warmth.

Another wonderfully unique scent from Gorilla Perfume, Dear John is a fragrance filled with citrus, spice and warmth.

The initial spritz on the skin releases heady notes of citrus and coffee, which are pleasantly fresh. The citrus element of this scent comes from lime oil, which whilst adding a dimension of sharpness, perfectly complements the later woody and warm notes of cedarwood and vetivert. Clove and coriander complete the distinctive combination, adding a touch of smokiness and spice, making this perfume smell unlike any other.

An incredibly comforting scent, Dear John will evoke different memories and images in everyone who wears it. For me, it’s like sitting by a fire on a cold winter’s night with someone that you love. Whilst the combination of notes may sound quite masculine, the overall impression of this scent is ambiguous. Initially sweet and citrusy, but quickly becoming woody and warm, Dear John will smell great on a man or a woman.

This scent is definitely one that needs to be smelled to be believed – I think that everyone will have their own interpretation of it; it’s a very unpredictable and evocative perfume.

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