Urban Decay Brow Box


Abrowcadabrow: a little box of brow magic.

Having always been reluctant to do anything to my brows other than tweeze them, I began experimenting with various shades of brown eyeshadow after seeing it recommended in a make-up tutorial. I was surprisingly impressed with the results, and as I became more confident in my abilities I decided to invest in a product specifically for eyebrows. Knowing how fantastic Urban Decay is for eye make-up products, I decided to purchase their Brow Box.

The product contains two different shades of colour, a lighter and a darker one, a mini angled brush, mini tweezers, and setting wax. The product also comes in two different colour combinations. ‘Brown Sugar’ features a dark brown and a medium brown shade, suitable for anyone with hair that’s darker than a light to medium brown colour. I think someone with light brown hair could also use the other colour combination, ‘Honey Pot’, which contains a light brown and a beige shade – perfect for blondes and most redheads. Urban Decay recommend using the lighter colour for daytime, and the darker for night, but depending on your colouring I think a combination is good at all times.

It takes a little bit of trial and error to get the hang of this product – shaping your brows is probably the hardest bit, but after a few attempts it becomes a lot simpler. It’s easy to overdo your brows too, so just apply a little bit of powder at first and then slowly build up the look. I recommend creating your basic shape with the lighter colour, and then adding the darker colour until you achieve your desired amount of definition.

I think this is a great addition to any make-up bag. Both colours blend brilliantly together, meaning that both natural and more dramatic looks are easily achievable. The tweezers are fantastic for getting any fine or hard to tweeze hairs and the setting wax completes the look wonderfully, giving a polished and professional finish. The only thing that I don’t love about this product is the angled brush – it’s a little fiddly to use because it’s so small, so that can mean that application takes a little longer than I’d like sometimes. But this little box, with Urban Decay’s signature edgy finish, still has everything you need for perfect brows.

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