Ladyboy by Gorilla Perfume


Delectable ambiguity.

Ladyboy, a unisex fragrance by Gorilla Perfume, is brave and complex: a scent that evolves through various strange yet wonderful phases.

When you first spray the scent onto skin, a sweet dried banana note opens which evolves to include a dark and dusky violet. Using banana as a main note makes this perfume unique, almost shocking when initially smelled, but it quickly becomes more complex and sophisticated when the powdery violet note comes through.The seaweed absolute in this perfume is nearly undetectable, lightly adding a clever layer of freshness which lifts and complements the decadent violet.
After several hours wear, an unexpected oakmoss note appears and the settled scent becomes something truly gorgeous – subtle, mysterious and utterly moreish.

This fragrance feels like something classic which has been given an almighty twist. It recalls the elegance of times gone by through the lingering violet powderiness while nodding emphatically to innovation and quirk in the tropical banana note.
Ladyboy is a fragrance that will be interpreted differently by each wearer, man or woman, and it is one that will be remembered by all who smell it.
Strange and wonderful.

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