Nina L’Elixir by Nina Ricci


A touch of fairytale.

Another variant of the original Nina by Nina Ricci scent, Nina L’Elixir is a slightly edgier, but equally as charming, version of its predecessor.


The top notes of lemon and lime provide an initial burst of sweet citrus, before the heart notes of toffee apple and jasmine take over, creating a sweeter and ever so slightly floral scent on the skin. The gorgeous fruitiness and floral elements remain for around an hour before the fragrance reaches its final base notes of deliciously sensual cotton musk and amber.

For me, the notes that really come out on my skin are the evocative jasmine, the subtle citrus and the beautiful cotton musk. They combine into a wonderfully delicate and sexy sweetness, which has a hint of lemon sherbet and lasting warmth on the skin. The bottle is so pretty too, a cute little red apple that will add a touch of colour and fairytale to your room.

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