1000 Kisses Deep by Gorilla Perfume


A cosy hug and a gentle kiss encapsulated in a bottle of spiciness and warmth.

With winter fast approaching it’s time to ditch the summery floral perfumes and find a warming scent that will make the chilly days a little more bearable. Another of my Gorilla Perfume favourites, I wear 1000 Kisses all year round but I think it’s the perfect treat if the cold weather is already making you a little glum.

The main notes of this scent include mandarin, osmanthus and musk, which combine to provide an initial punch of sharp citrus before settling into a lighter and slightly spicier fragrance. I think it smells of sweet orange and nutmeg – gentle and delicious. The osmanthus comes from the flowers of a Himalayan shrub and delivers the slight floral nuances of the scent. What I like about this perfume is that whilst it’s undeniably feminine, the spiciness of it prevents it from being sickly sweet.

I love to wear 1000 Kisses day or night, I think it works wonderfully in the evening though. It’s incredibly sophisticated, and evokes emotions of love and happiness. The warming scent of it makes you want to snuggle into it and be wrapped up in the beautiful fragrance. It’s a cosy hug and a gentle kiss encapsulated in a bottle of spiciness, citrus, and warmth, that will make winter just that little bit less cold.


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