‘American Cream’ Conditioner by LUSH


USA hair: Unctuous, Scentsational, Amazing.

Lush conditioners are by far my favourites of any that I’ve ever tried, but the best of them all has to be American Cream.

Rather than other conditioners than soften your hair using nasty chemicals, this one uses lanolin from sheep’s wool instead. What I’ve found when I use other products is that they can sometimes leave my hair feeling slightly sticky, leaving me in a bad mood, and my hair in an uncontrollable mess! I’ve never experienced this with American Cream, despite it being one of the heavier ones in the Lush collection; instead it always leaves my hair incredibly silky and shiny and 100% knot-free.

Aside from it leaving my hair in a fabulous condition, the best thing about this conditioner is the amazing smell! Vanilla pod infusion, fresh strawberries and clary sage oil are just some of the ingredients that go into American Cream and leave your hair smelling gorgeous for hours, sometimes I can still smell it the day after I’ve washed my hair! To me it smells like musky vanilla with a hint of sweetness from the strawberries and a touch of nuttiness from the clary sage – beautiful.

This delightfully smooth and creamy wonder is a hair must-have for me!

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