LUSH Shampoo Bars


Solid satisfaction.

Instead of shower gel you’ve got soap, but can there really be an effective solid alternative to liquid shampoo? I didn’t think so when I first saw Lush’s solid shampoo bars, but as I’m always looking out for ways to reduce my carbon footprint then I’d thought I’d give these packaging-free alternatives a go.

There are so many great things about Lush’s shampoo bars. First off, they’re brilliant value for money – just over a fiver for a bar that will provide 80 to 100 washes (that’s the equivalent of three bottles!). There’s also a wide range to suit every hair type, from scalp health to increased shine. The first bar that I purchased was Seanik, it’s a perfect one to try if you’re curious about the bars, containing volumising sea salt and softening seaweed. All of the bars are completely chemical free and have lovely subtle scents that are far better than any of the artificially sweet fruity scents of high street shampoos.

In terms of use the bars are just as good, if not better, than regular shampoo. You use them like a bar of soap, rubbing them over your hair until you’ve got enough lather to wash with. I didn’t think that they’d lather as well as they did, but after just a few strokes I already had plenty to use. If you’ve got hair like mine (long and not particularly thick) then conditioner isn’t essential as the shampoo bar ingredients soften the hair and make it less prone to tangles.

Solid satisfaction… (in a bar).

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