Rimmel ‘Alarm’ Lipstick


A loud pop of cherry-red lusciousness.

Red lipstick is said to be a classic, with it being a versatile colour that anybody can wear. I’d never worn red lipstick before, but when I needed something to go with a little black dress and complete my Parisian chic look for a ball I was going to, I knew it would be perfect. The colour is a rich cherry-red; a brighter version of the more classic shades. It’s a very bold colour, so it’s essential to wear it with subtle eyes and blush – I used it with simple gold eyeshadow, a thin sweep of liquid eyeliner, and minimal blusher.

Living up to its name, ‘Alarm’ is a very vivid shade of red, so if you’re not overly daring with your make-up then this may not be the best lipstick to go for. But another option, and what I often do if I’m wearing it during the day, is to blot it lightly just to tone the colour down a little. It stains the lips so you’ll still be left with a solid colour, just one that’s not as extreme.

When I bought this lipstick I was dubious. Would the colour be too intense? Would I look cheap? The answer to both of those is no. Instead I got a gorgeously smooth and moisturising rich red lipstick which glides on easily and makes you stand out in a crowd.

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