Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

Miracle Touch

My desert island beauty product.

Following Gemma’s review of her ‘’can’t live without it’’ glass nail file, I started thinking about my essential beauty product. I concluded that my desert island product is Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation…, bit of a mouthful, but seriously the best foundation I have ever used.

I discovered this foundation when I was around 17 and trying a different one nearly every week, but never being satisfied with the colour, texture or coverage of each one I sampled. That is, until I picked up a pot of Max Factor’s answer to the neither liquid nor solid style foundation, which is easily and evenly applied with the included sponge.

There are 6 different shades to choose from – ranging from the very pale ‘Creamy Ivory’ to the darkest ; ‘Bronze’. I use ‘Warm Almond’, which is one shade darker than the palest.
It works incredibly well with my fairly normal, just on the pale side facial skin tone. I also find this shade is perfect to use all year round as it matches my skin tone pretty well with or without a light tan.

If you are used to using liquid foundations, as I was, it will take a few days of getting used to the application of this one. It comes with a sponge, stored in the lid of the pot and you simply build up the foundation on the sponge, and pat it/blend it over your face. The texture is smooth, easy to blend and doesn’t settle into any facial lines – giving you the ‘liquid illusion’ but with the staying power of foundation plus powder.

It has great coverage that can be adjusted depending on the amount you use on the sponge. You can opt for a very even look one day, a barefaced look the next and handily, build up the coverage the same night for a ‘going out’ look. If, like me, you sometimes want to cover any freckles, marks or occasional spot, then this is a brilliant option for everyday coverage you can adjust and build up. Max Factor say this foundation removes the need for concealer but I still like a touch of Benefit’s ‘Boi-ing’ under my eyes to complete the even-toned look.

If you’re searching for ‘the one’ foundation, I would certainly recommend giving Max Factor Liquid Illusion a try – a perfect all-rounder in my opinion and my ‘’can’t live without it’’ beauty buy.

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