Soap & Glory – Ultimate Eye Combo

ultimate eye combo

Three super eye products by a super company, Soap & Glory – one of my favourite cosmetic companies. I love their retro packaging and witty tongue-in-cheek product names.

Thick & Fast™ False Lash Effect Mascara in Superjet Black
‘Amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes’ is what Soap & Glory say that this mascara will deliver, and it does, to some extent anyway. One coat separated my lashes brilliantly, giving me an even lash line, and it did lengthen too, but not incredibly so. I have naturally long eyelashes anyway though so I may have been expecting too much.
With two coats however, I could really see a difference. My lashes looked instantly longer and thicker, a perfect night time look! Some other mascaras do really deliver on the thickening promise but leave your lashes looking overdone and unnatural, that’s not the case with this one at all, there were absolutely no clumps – a big bonus! I really do like this mascara as a day one, it was incredibly easy to end up with an even and natural lash look, one that’s not overly dramatic but still widens the eyes and gives a pretty day look.
My final verdict: perfect for the daytime, I shall definitely continue to use it as my daily mascara. But if you like super dramatic lashes, day and night, then this probably isn’t the mascara for you.

Supercat™ Eyeliner pen in Carbon Black Extreme –
I was always a little weary of liquid eyeliner, assuming that it would be a nightmare to apply correctly, or that it would only be good for creating the classic Amy Winehouse flick. My previous liquid purchases have been acceptable, but I’ve never preferred them to kohl eyeliner pencils. But when I saw liquid eyeliner in pen form I was intrigued, thinking it would be far easier to use than my previous purchases. Having liquid eyeliner in what is essentially a felt tip pen makes application a hell of a lot easier – you can hold it a lot steadier due to the pen itself being thicker than the more traditional pot eyeliners available. I can create a multitude of looks with this eyeliner, from large flicks and thick lines, to a more neutral and purely defining sweep on my lash line.

Smoulder Kohl™ in Superblack –
I’ve used pencil eyeliners since I first started experimenting with make-up, no doubt making myself look an absolute state with a variety of elaborate kohl creations. But despite spending years trying and testing an array of pencil eyeliners, I still haven’t found one that I would definitely buy again – not necessarily because they’re not good, but just that any really impressive ones are always ridiculously expensive! However, that’s all changed since I found this kohl pencil. It’s soft, but still gives you great definition and is wonderfully easy to apply. If you want a bold look then simply apply it and go, or if you want a softer, sexier look then just smudge with a cotton bud or your finger – it’s brilliantly versatile. Before I bought this I’d often have a mad panic in the morning if I needed to sharpen my eyeliner but couldn’t find my sharpener. No need to worry with this, there’s a sharpener built into the cap, amazingly useful!

My day-to-night eye look:
I always like beige, brown and gold tones for my eyeshadow during the day. I complete my daytime look with a fine sweep of Supercat™ liner on my upper lash line and a coat of Thick & Fast™ mascara. If I’m heading out in the evening then I like to make my liquid liner slightly thicker, or if I’m feeling daring then I’ll add a little flick. I follow that up with another coat of mascara, and finish the look with a smudge of Smoulder Kohl™ under my lower lashes.

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