Dirty by Gorilla Perfume


A clean kind of filthy – our scent for summer.

The weather of late hasn’t been super summery but nevertheless, we all like having that particular perfume for the summer months…
Something that evokes long afternoons, cold drinks, and that sun-kissed feeling leftover as the warm evening draws in.

Gorilla Perfume’s Dirty is a unisex fragrance that is truly unique. Like all of LUSH’s own brand perfumes, it delivers a lasting, evolving scent that smells intensely different from any other perfume brand on the market.
As soon as you spritz it on (use sparingly, it projects very well and has staying power), you get hit with a burst of freshness that combines top notes of mint and thyme which slowly settles into softer, sweeter middle notes with hints of oakmoss and sandalwood. By the time you’ve worn Dirty through the day, you are left with a subtly fresh, powdery clean smell that evokes a sunny afternoon by the sea.
Perfect if you like your summer fragrance to be light, airy but not too sweet or flowery.
I’ve been wearing Dirty all year round since I discovered it, when Gemma was kind enough to point out to the LUSH sales assistant that I ”prefer more masculine scents” (thank you, honey).
However, I would class this as a gender neutral scent that could be interpreted as fresh and minty on a man and clean and powdery-sweet on a woman.

Just to emphasise how versatile this scent is, Gemma and I have worn it on the same day and it has smelt subtly different on both of us. On her, the hint of baby powder and sweetness comes out on top whereas it remains more minty and woody on my skin.
LUSH have developed a whole range of ‘Dirty’ products from shaving cream to shower gel and everything in between. I myself use the Dirty soap every day in combination with the fragrance and find it adds an extra dimension to my scent, increasing the freshness and staying power of Dirty.

This fragrance has all the right elements for a summery classic that has more than enough depth to keep your interest all year round.
Wear it in the park, the beach or the club; it’s time to get dirty…

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